Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Our New House in Okinawa

One of my biggest fears coming out here to Okinawa was the possibility that we might have to live on base if base housing had vacancies. Fortunately, it was full up at the time we arrived so we were able to pick a place out in town. Sato found this place on the internet and we were able to move in very quickly. We only had to stay in temporary lodging on base for four nights. Thank god, I hate living on base! Here are some photos...
You can download the high res photos here.

Mom & Mike's House

We finished up our summer vacation at Mom and Mike's house. We hacked her Wii and played lots of video games. We took a trip to the farmer's market in downtown KC and spent some time at the pool. Morgan came to visit for a couple of days and had some fun playing with Alex.
You can download the high res photos here.

Anne's House (4th of July 2013)

While we were in Missouri we drove out to Anne's house to visit for a few days. Grandma was there for a bit. Everyone had a blast, especially Alex and Addie...they got along really well.
You can download the high res photos here.

Grandpa's House

Dad and Katherine came out to Virginia to buy the Audi from us and drive it to Missouri. Here are a few photos from Dad's neighborhood pool, the slip n slide, and Chuck E. Cheese. Alex loved hanging out with Andy and Katherine. Katherine, Alex, and I went on an ATV riding trip to Chadwick and I posted a video of it in the videos folder.
You can download the high res photos here.

Leaving Virginia

These are some photos from our last couple of months in Virginia before heading over to Okinawa, Japan. There are photos of Sato's Baby Shower, Nicki as a newborn, and when Alex and I went to a baseball game in D.C.
You can download the high res photos here.

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